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Conference, Training and Seminar

We plan and organize seminars and conferences on topics related to aviation safety and security, as well as training courses on :
Terminal Operations and Management, Aerodrome Certification, Aerodrome GRF, Apron Management, XRAY Safety Machine Maintenance and Operation, Explosives Trace Detector Maintenance and Operation, TIP Implementation, Runway-side Driving Permits.

Airport Assistance and Smart Technologies

We support airports in all projects relating to aviation safety and security, perimeter radar surveillance, flight information display systems, and more.

CAS Studies, Research and Innovation

We carry out airport safety studies, aeronautical safety studies, aerodrome inspections and drone-based navigation aids, infrastructure inspection and calibration, etc.

About Us

ATC is an international company specialized in Civil Aviation. Created by professionals with extensive experience in Civil Aviation, ATC aims to ensure Safety and Security in the field of Aviation through a wide range of activities: Safety, Security, Airport Management, Electrical, Electronic and Civil Engineering, Research and Development.
Our mission is to support airports and aviation service providers in the successful implementation of any project related to safety, security, airport management, electrical, electronic and civil engineering.
With our Research and Development department, we develop capabilities to help airports and other aviation companies design and implement new civil aviation projects in compliance with ICAO national standards and regulations.